Compass Rose Academy
is the standard of academic excellence along 30A, a place where students can learn to love learning, and is forever creating new directions for high achieving and gifted children. 

Our day school program offers a unique and positive learning opportunity for all students. We enroll students PreK through the 6th grade. Each classroom is set up to serve multiple grade levels, and we always keep an 8-to-1 student/teacher ratio. At Compass Rose Academy we use a blend of hands-on curriculum and a more traditional workbook curriculum that allows for a multi-sensory approach to learning.  The best way to truly see, feel, and understand how CRA works is to see it in action. We are open for classroom observations with an appointment. Call today to schedule a time!


Learning at CRA is tailor made for each student. Daily work plans are written for each student individually. This allows the teachers to provide each student with exactly what they need. This method ensures that students are independent in their learning, while being supported through one-to-one and small group lessons. Through an accelerated workbook curriculum, hands-on support materials, and advanced technology programs, students at CRA are always engaged in the learning process and are on the road to becoming the doctors, lawyers, scientists, journalists, and business leaders of tomorrow!

Love To Learn  

Grow Together  

 Inspire One Another 

Open Enrollment
If you would like more information for 2022-2023 call, text, or email today to schedule a tour! 

Enrollment for Summer 2023 will open in Jan.